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Party Ideas from Betty's Crocker cookbook for Boys and Girls.
Party Ideas from Betty's Crocker cookbook for Boys and Girls.

Spend a lazy Sunday afternoon at ADA with a movie marathon, outside games and fresh party food. With good weather we will spend the time outside, watching movies and enjoying freshly prepared summer food.

15:00 Chinatown, Roman Polanski, 1974, 130 min
17:10 The Sacrifice, Andrei Tarkovski, 1986, 149 min
20:00 Volver, Pedro Almodóvar, 2006, 121 min
22:00 You The Living, Roy Andersson, 2007, 95 min

Jake Gittes, a private detective, is hired by a woman who claimes to be Mrs. Mulwray. She suspects her husband, the builder of the city’s watersupply system, of having an affair. Shortly after Jack Gittes is hired the real Mrs Mulwray appears on stage and Jack discovers that he has been hired by an imposterer. When Mr Mulwray is found dead, Jake gets into a complex web of deceit involving murder, incest and corruption. Chinatown is a multi-layered psychological drama that features many elements of the film noir -genre.

The Sacrifice(Offret)
Alexander, a journalist and philosopher, celebrates his birthday at his cottage in the countryside. The news that a nuclear war between the superpowers has started disturbs the celebration. As his family attempts to cope, Alexander is troubled by extraordinary dreams. To save the world he decides to sacrifice all he loves. The Sacrifice, Tarkovski’s final masterwork, is remarkable for it’s long tracking shots.

The two sisters Raimunda and Sole are struggling with life after having lost their parents in a tragic fire four years ago. Their elderly aunt who lives alone speaks as if Raimunda’s and Sole’s mother is still alive and taking care of her in a small Spanish village. After the aunt’s death, Sole’s mother “appears” again to fix the situations that she couldn’t resolve during her life. Volver is a ghost story that combines drama and absurdist comedy.

You The Living
Set in a décor of a miserable colourless nowhere-town, You The Living follows the lives of an overweight woman, a disgruntled psychiatrist, a heartbroken groupie, a carpenter, a business consultant, an elementary school teacher with emotional issues and her rug selling husband. Anderson spent three years on the set that was completely built for the film. This tragicomic story that explores the “grandeur of existence” is reminiscent of the Buster Keaton and Jaques Tati films.

Practical Information:
Sunday 04 July 2010 | 15:00 - 23:00
ADA court yard, Bree 93B, Rotterdam
email: [javascript protected email address]
tel: 06-23980265

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